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Entry Process & Information

The Oldham Business Awards are open to all business in the Borough of Oldham with 11 different categories available to enter including, Start Up, Business of the Year > £10M and Community Engagement. The entry process is simple and it is ok to enter multiple categories so long as an individual entry form is submitted for each category. All applications are judged by an independent panel made up of an Oldham Business Awards Steering Group Member and the individual Category Sponsor and the deadline for application this year is Friday 21st December 2018.

Please direct any queries to

Following a submission you should receive an acknowledgement to confirm that we have received your entry. The key dates after submission are:

Award Judging  – February 2019

Finalists Announcement  –  March 2019.

Please note this year’s main event The 11th Oldham Business Awards will take place at the Queen Elizabeth Hall on Friday 26th April 2019.

Oldham Business Awards