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Terms and Conditions

At the OBA panel, each of the nominations will be individually reviewed and scored by each member. Once the nominations have been reviewed and scored the Chairperson will collate the scores, a group discussion on the nominations to confirm the results. At this time panel members may adjust their initial scores.

It is entirely within the control of each panel member, not the Chairperson, as to whether or not they choose to make any adjustments to their own scores.

If a visit to each of the three finalists is required, and time permits. A further discussion should take place and at this time panel members may adjust their scores as above.

The final score totals will then be calculated, and sent to the nominated steering group member.

Note: Individual scores and results must not be discussed outside of the panel. The results should remain confidential until the winners have been announced at the awards evening.

  1. Scoring Criteria

 Nominations are scored against a number of wide-ranging criteria within each category. The nominator will have identified the applicable category from the submission. Panel members are offered multi-choice options of scores up to a maximum score of 100.

The scoring is designed and weighted to ensure the winners of each award meet the most important elements of the category identified by the sponsor.

2.1  What are we looking for?

  • A nomination should recognise an individual, team or company’s extraordinary behaviours
  • A nomination should aim to address all the criteria within the category definition
  • Key achievements made in the awards programme calendar
  • Local economic, social and environmental benefit

The criteria for each category together with their corresponding maximum scores are outlined on the following pages.

Your concentration and above all your enjoyment of the judging process are important to ensure a successful outcome.

Any feedback will be welcome and reviewed.

We hope you find the whole occasion interesting, informative and enjoyable. Thank you for your participation in this programme.

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