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The Oldham Business Awards is a celebration of business achievements from across the Borough, culminating in a prestigious awards ceremony at The Queen Elizabeth Hall during April.


By becoming an Oldham Business Awards sponsor you are showing your support to the thriving business community of the Oldham Borough, helping to celebrate local business and supporting our charities Mahdlo & Dr. Kershaw’s Hospice.

The 2019 Oldham Business Awards event will take place on Friday 26th April at The Queen Elizabeth Hall. The awards attracted a maximum audience of 550 people last year and is a great night of entertainment, awards and networking. Any
company within the Oldham area, whether public, private or third sector can enter the Oldham Business Awards, regardless of size or industry. The Oldham Business Awards has a range of categories suited to a wide variety of successful organisations; from large private and public companies through to thriving entrepreneurial businesses, promising start-ups and individuals.


Oldham Business Award sponsors benefit from a number of promotional opportunities whilst showing their support for
the Oldham business community.

OBA Website is a dedicated website devoted to the awards. The website is used by all applicants to enter the awards and then by all attendees to purchase tickets. Sponsors have a dedicated presence within the website with logos prominently displayed throughout the year.

Social Media

The Oldham Business Awards is promoted throughout the year on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

PR & Media

Working with local media (including press and radio) the Oldham Business Awards is promoted throughout the year across the Borough, granting local mass media exposure for sponsors.


Face-to-face networking opportunities at four events:
Autumn launch event, Winter corporate quiz, Spring finalists’ reception and the main Oldham Business Awards ceremony in April.


Dawn Torrington 

Contact Number: 0753 994 7872


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