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Oldham Athletic show their support to the Awards

ORGANISERS of the Oldham Business Awards, which return in September after a three-year Covid absence, are pleased to announce they are now accepting nominations.

The steering group of volunteers, drawn from all sections of the flourishing Oldham business community, held a hugely successful launch in Chadderton last month.

Encouraged by the energy at this event, and the enthusiasm of sponsors loyal and new, plans for the gala awards dinner in September are now in full swing.

But first nominations are needed for the various categories. Entries can be submitted by the businesses, companies, organisations themselves or by customers or supporters.

To boost the process, Oldham Athletic used their advertising space at the Good Friday home game at Boundary Park to promote the event.

Details of all the categories can be found by clicking here

Steve Kilroy, chair of the steering group, commented: “We are all excited that the awards are returning after a three-year absence. And judging by the response we had at the launch event, so is everyone else.

“The awards recognise the depth and quality of the businesses we have in the borough and have become a symbol of excellence for our various winners over the years.

“There is a category to suit every business, no matter how large or small, how established or new. We are all encompassing. The nominations are now coming in and we are all looking forward to receiving a bumper crop so we can truly celebrate all that is good about Oldham and its businesses.”

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