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Sponsor: Pegasus Warehousing & Fulfilment

Pegasus was a company born out of many previous years of hard work, dedication and a willingness to help businesses grow. In 2017, Andy Taylor created Pegasus with many years of success behind him. Operating out of two warehouses located in Oldham, Greater Manchester and over 500,000 sq ft, Pegasus set it’s stall out to become a company you can trust, get great value from, vast experience in the warehousing and logistics sector and making great efforts to take away the level of time, space and money required to hold and distribute stock locally, nationally and internationally.

Pegasus’ main focus was to deliver great service with affordable costs. With a great team behind it, we set out to attract all types of customers. As a snapshot, Pegasus store and distribute pallets of stock manufactured in Manchester throughout the UK and Ireland. We receive manufactured goods from all over the world, delivered in containers, to be unloaded, picked and distributed. We provide an unparalleled fulfilment service which is where the focus shifted and where we began to gain traction

With many companies turning to online platforms to sell their goods, Pegasus is able to offer bespoke warehousing and fulfilment criteria that met the needs of the customers. With the ability to pick and distribute for next day delivery, we began to attract customers from all around the North West. At Pegasus we understand the need to constantly adapt to new ways of delivering goods and new requirements set out by national retailers. By choosing Pegasus to store and distribute your goods, what you can be sure on is that your investments are safe and secure, the team will always ensure your goods go out on the day or hour you require and that we will work with you on a personal level to help grow your business. If you grow, we grow.

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